Music & Recording

Emperor Norton

The debut recording by the progressive rock band Emperor Norton. I play keyboards in the group and also contributed to the writing of the material, recording and mixing. The aim of the recording was to capture the essence of a live band playing together, so most of this was recorded ‘old school’, with no click track and minimal overdubs. I am very proud of how this has turned out!


The AdventureĀ – Alex Chow

I recorded and produced this recording with fingerstyle guitarist Alex Chow. I found capturing the dynamic range of fingerstyle guitar playing a challenge, especially as the percussive elements tended to far exceed the sound levels of the softer passages. I also guest on piano on the final two tracks, of which ‘Elevation’ is a personal favourite!


Manchester Harmony Gospel Choir Live at St. Peter’s

I recorded the multitrack output from the live desk used for the show and later created these ‘virtual studio’ mixes on a Neve VR Legend analogue console entirely using outboard effects. Earlier recordings I made of this choir were broadcast on BBC Radio 2, but these recordings are higher quality.


Music from Lost Fairy

My piece composed to accompany ‘Lost Fairy’, a short film directed by Ricky Wong. The film depicts a young girl lost at the Manchester Christmas Market as she follows a magical fairy.

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