MSc Audio and Music Technology, University of York
BA Music Production, Futureworks

Following lifelong passions for music and science, I arrived at the University of York Audio Lab in 2014 to study a Master’s degree in Audio Technology. After graduating I spent a year at the lab as an Associate Lecturer, gaining a great deal of experience in teaching in higher education and becoming a fellow of the HEA.

Since September 2016 I have been studying for a PhD. My research is focused on environmental soundscapes, with a view to utilising techniques from machine listening and spatial audio in their analysis. The latest fruit of this project is the EigenScape database of spatial acoustic scene recordings.

I am also a multi-instrumentalist and continue to be actively involved in music making, primarily as a keyboard player and studio engineer. I am particularly interested in classic synthesisers and DIY electronics.

Photograph by Dan Tsantilis

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